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June 7 – 8, 2016
23rd Cohen-Register Microsymposium
Princeton University
103 Maeder Hall, Andlinger Center

May 14, 2016
Reflections on a Career: Connecting the Dots in Bob Cohen’s Academic Family
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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Postdoc Roberta Polak won the first prize in the poster session contest at the World Pharma Conference held in Boston in June of 2016. She also reported on her work on cell backpacks at the ACS meeting held in San Diego in March.



The 22nd annual MIT-Princeton Microsymposium on Polymers will be held in MIT on June 10 and June 11 2015. Graduate students and postdocs from the Cohen-Rubner group at MIT and the Register group at Princeton will present a number of talks in Room 66-360.

Professor Cohen has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a learned society and policy research center that dates back to its founding in 1780. The Fellows of the academy are drawn from a wide variety professional activities including mathematics, physical and biological sciences, social sciences and humanities, business, government, public affairs and the arts. More information can be found at American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The Cohen group is happy to welcome Dr. Kenan Song as a new post-doc in the group. His research focus will be on fabricating and examining the mechanical properties of different polymer coatings generated by Layer-by-Layer deposition.
The Cohen group is pleased to welcome Prof. Khalid Askar who will be collaborating with the Cohen-Rubner groups for 2 years on developing a high performance multifunctional coating for desert based solar cells.

Congrats to recent graduates Dr. Hyomin Lee, Dr. Jonathan Gilbert and Dr. Siddarth Srinivasan for successfully defending their PhD thesis!

The Cohengroup was well represented at the conference on Layer-by-Layer Assembly that was held on June 23 & 25 at Stevens Institute in Hoboken NJ. The conference was organized by Cohen’s close collaborator Professor Michael Rubner of ™the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering and longtime friend of the Cohengroup, Svetlana Sukhishvili of Stevens Institute. Our groups contributions to the conference technical program were a lecture presented by Cohen that summarized Hyomin Lee’s recently-completed PhD thesis research on H-bonded LbL Films and a lecture by postdoc Roberta Polak on mucin-based release layers. A highlight of the conference was the dinner cruise around Manhattan. Photo below shows Rubner and Cohen with other conference attendees (far left) David Lynn from Wisconsin and (center) Catherine Picard from Grenoble France. Roberta Polak appears at the right admiring the New York skyline.

Congratulations to Jonathan Gilbert for winning a 2013 Graduate Student Speaker Award at the Materials Research Society meeting in Boston. His work on “Orientation-Specific Attachment of Polymeric Microtubes on Cell Surfaces” was presented during Symposium I: Multiscale Materials in the Study and Treatment of Cancer.

Graduate student Rosanna Lim won first place in the materials engineering and sciences poster session at the annual AIChE conference in San Francisco. She presented on the “Covalent Attachment of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers to Cells.”

Jonathan Gilbert’s work on fabricating tubular particles presenting heterogeneous regions of chemistry to control the particle orientation on the surface of live lymphocytes was recently featured in Nature News & Views. Controlling the orientation of anisotropic microparticles on cell surfaces is of interest for biomedical applications such as bottom up tissue engineering and drug delivery since it can be used to promote or resist particle internalization.